March 7, 2019

April 2019 Events

Event introduction:

  • Shenzhen (April 15th-16th): Meet investment pool, top crypto fund and top exchange
  • Zhejiang (April 17th-19th): Meet institutional investor, government fund, crypto fund and smart city investors.
  • Beijing (April 23rd-24th): Meet up top crypto fund, investment pool , institutional investor and top exchange

Material preparation for event:

  • Pitch deck for token investor (Chinese version)
  • Pitch deck for equity investor/government (Chinese version)
  • Mandarin speaker (or Chinese interpreter)
  • Investment proposal for token investor (Chinese version)
  • Investment proposal for equity investor (Chinese version)
  • Register account at WeChat (Because all the Chinese people use WeChat for communication)
  • Product or prototype demo if available

Special Notice:

  • Even location and date may change per project or investor community requirements

Contact for registration